Set List: Medusa’s Darkwave 10-06-17

Set List: Medusa’ Darkwave 10-06-17 with DJ Sprite

Listen to the set here

* denotes a request

DJ Sprite

Artist Title Time Track Release
Aengeldust DanceFloor Killer (vs. SVE) 04:09 1 Dancefloor Killer
Modulate Tweekin N Funkin 05:01 8 Detonation
Rhys Fulber Effigy 07:22 1 Realism (SG 1778)
Gefaehrte Osteotom 05:13 7 Surrender
Headscan Dissolution [club mix] 05:41 2 Ascend
Virtual Terrorist Adrenaline 04:52 2 Demo-Lition V2.0
*Wychdoktor Blackmagick 03:21 2 Ritual
Chainreactor Blowaway 04:17   The Silence & The Noise
*Moth Imperium 08:10 1 Igineci EP
Hezzel Pulling Teeth 04:10 2 Randomize Before Use
Reaper Urnensand (Remix By SAM) 04:24 13 Hell Starts With An H
*Wumpscut Totmacher (VNV Nation Remix) 04:43    
Memmaker Sunstorm 5:47 9 Let There Be Lasers


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