Set List: Carnivorous Garden 03-24-17

Set List for Carnivorous Garden 03-24-17 at Township with DJs Gremlin, Sprite, and Licious (Lorelei Dreaming release party)

* denotes a request

Ad-ver-sary ~ Plan B
Millipede ~ Endless
Crystal Castles ~ Empathy
Delerium ~ Inner Sanctum
Servitor Sanctum ~ Spin Irie
Detritus ~ Archipelago
Mlada Fronta ~ KLM

Stendeck ~ Frozen Sun (Twilight)
Fever Ray ~ If I had a heart (Seiswork If I had a hearth remix)
Enduser ~ 2/3
Prometheus Burning ~ Confronting Pandora
Hysteresis ~ Hellish Gospels
Erode ~ Stasis

Dazzling Malicious ~ Dissident
Ah Cama-Sotz ~ Yarkulh
Broken Fabiola ~ Japanese Call Girl (Manufactura Remix)
Stahlschlag ~ Solipsism
Ivardensphere ~ Cracked Earth (Feat. I:Scintilla)
Gesaffelstein ~ Obsession
Acylum ~ Breivik (Xotox Remix)

Juno Reactor ~ God Is God
Collide ~ White Rabbit
Gesaffelstein ~ Trans
Oil 10 ~ Propaganda
Tonikom ~ Nightwalk
This Morn’ Omina ~ FP
Lorelei Dreaming ~ Volcano (DJ Addambombb Remix)
Rotersand ~ Almost Violent
Soman ~ Detail
Pow[d]er Pussy ~ Yourmove
* Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce vs. Metallica ~ Enter Telephone (DJs From Mars Club Remix)

* Chemlab ~ Electric Molecular (Album Version)
Zoog Von Rock ~ Midichlorify (Angelspit Sith Remix)
* Nero ~ Satisfy
Mlada Fronta ~ Straight Ahead
Fla Vector ~ H20-H
Re_Agent ~ Brain Death
Rotersand ~ War On Error (Declaration)
Narkose ~ Mauka
Lorelei Dreaming ~ Edge Of The World (Digital Gnosis Remix)
Go Fight ~ Light of Day (Carpet the Club Mix)
Modulate ~ Tweekin N Fuckin
iVardensphere ~ Kagu-Tsuchi
This Morn’ Omina ~ Maenad [CCF]
The Azoic ~ Conflict (Combichrist Remix)

* Chemlab ~ Exile On Mainline
C/A/T ~ Smashed [V.2]
Memmaker ~ Manipulate
Reaper ~ Urnensand (Remix By SAM)
Zombie Girl ~ Bleeder
E-Craft ~ Electrocution
Chainreactor ~ Locked In
Lorelei Dreaming ~ Scream With Me (Go Fight Remix)
Destroid ~ Friend Or Foe (The Betrayal)
Necessary Response ~ Forever
Ivardensphere ~ A Tale Of Two Wolves
Noisuf-X ~ Just A Trip
Blackcentr ~ I Kill (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
Cervello Elettronico ~ What You Want
ESA ~ The Plot Sickens

Apotheosis ~ O Fortuna (Apocalypse Chorus Mix)
Fractional ~ Sionvi
Hora ~ Twisted Dream
Blush Response ~ Body Artifex
Mlada Fronta ~ Cvb


~ by infomorph on March 27, 2017.

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