Set List: Nexus 6 on 03-25-16

Set List For Nexus 6 at Bottom Lounge 03-25-16 with DJs Gremlin, Sprite, and Licious

* denotes a request

Proyecto Mirage ~ Naima
Detritus ~ Collide
Wai Pi Wai ~ Wai Pi Wai
Twinkle ~ La Victim Volontaire
Crystal Castles ~ Empathy
Gesaffelstein ~ Trans

Prometheus Burning ~ Confronting Pandora
Milligramme ~ Mlada Fronta Overdose: Medical Care For
Pyroclastic ~ Last Lost Zombie (Bunker mix)
FRank Riggio ~ TTTT
Nin-Kuji ~ Barefoot R&N
Mimetic ~ Sdaa1
Stendeck ~ Tonight Is Forever

Fla Vector & Tribal AD ~ Tribalism
Tzusing ~ Frankinsense and Myrhh
Chainreactor ~ The Danger
Synth-etik ~ Circuits
Alter Der Ruine ~ Relax & Ride It
Wychdoktor ~ Heathen
WASTE ~ Relax

Geistform ~ New Test
Schnarph! ~ Albtraum
iVardensphere ~ Ancients (Blak Opz Summons mix)
3Teeth ~ Pearls2Swine (Mr. Skeleton remix)
* Whitar ~ Sentinel
Hocico ~ Army of Puppets
Asphyxia ~ Obliteraye My Fate
Pow[d]erpussy ~ Man Is Your Enemy
ESA ~ Be Still and I Shall Tell You Why
Prometheus Burning ~ Some Things Are Meant to Stay Broken

* Xperiment ~ End of an Era
Fla vector ~ Adrenaline
Iszoloscope ~ Absolute & Eternal Moral Nightmare
Chainreactor ~ Hoellenmensch
* Die Sektor ~ Accelerant
Hocico ~ Vile Whispers (Dulce Liquido mix)
C2 ~ Book of Gates
Mlada Fronta ~ Straight Ahead
Ancient Methods ~ Guided by the Force of Compassion
Heimstatt Yipotash ~ Lituya Bay (Impulse remix by Takhtahk)

Squid Lid ~ Shark Club
Gesaffelstein ~ Hate or Glory
The People’s Republic of Europe ~ Dirty Distorted Dancehall
Youth Code ~ For I Am Cursed
Stoneburner ~ Sisters of Isolation
Monolith ~ Construct
iVardensphere ~ Here Lies Lily Brant
Ascii Disko ~ Pantera
Cacophoneuses ~ Dirty Girls Like Dirty Beats
SAM ~ Syntax Error
The Operative ~ Revivalist


~ by infomorph on March 1, 2017.

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