Set List for Medusa’s Darkwave on 09-13-13

Set list for Medusa’s Darkwave with DJs Sprite, Licious, Alpha Omega, and Moyer

* Denotes a Request

Saltillo ~ Proxy
Lucidstatic ~ Once Upon a Time
Detritus ~ Interrupted
Monolith ~ Lost Planet
Foster The People ~ Pumped Up Kicks (Butch Clancy dubstep mix)
Na-Hag ~ Sew Your Face To My Face
Aphorism ~ Two Sides of the Bullet

–(sets from Moyer, Licious, and Alpha Omega here)–

Sprite and Licious
Fla Vector ~ Injection 99
iVardensphere ~ Virus
Human Weapon ~ Hardstyle
Noisuf-X ~ Warning
* Komor Kommando ~ Rhythm Machine
* ?
Nullvektor ~ Immer Wieder
This Morn Omina ~ Shiftwind
Monolith ~ The Inner Sphere
* Kevorkian Death Cycle ~ It’s A Sin
Hocico ~ Vile Whispers (Dulce Liquido mix)
Dr. Macabre ~ Boomstick
Tactical Sekt ~ Bring Me Violence
HexRx ~ Brain Basher
Contaminant ~ Misleader


~ by infomorph on September 23, 2013.

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