Set List: Nexus 6 05-21-10

Set list for Nexus 6 at Neo on 05-21-20 with DJs Sprite and weird Sketch

* Denotes a request

Dryft ~ 39 Thieves
Millipede ~ Conceivor
Mago ~ Spaceships and Piles of Mud
Pandora’s Black Book ~ Handless
Twinkle ~ La Victim Volontaire
Fractional ~ Lows
I:gor ~ Niekochani
Detritus ~ Archipelago
Totakeke ~ The Things That Disappear When I Close My Eyes
Milligramme ~ Stomache
Cervello Elettronico ~ Player
Proyecto Mirage ~ Naima

Weird Sketch
Mother Destruction ~ Ride, Ride, Ride
Recoil ~ The Defector
Broken Fabiola ~ Japanese Call Girl (Manufactura mix)
* Converter ~ Order/Creature
Destroid ~ Soul Asylum
Headscan ~ Disolucion (Club remix)
Unter Art ~ Ugly
Oil 10 ~ Lost in Metropolis
Sonar ~ Hostage (Ah Cama-Sotz mix)
Re-agent ~ Weak and Wounded
Wai Pi Wai ~ Blue Voice
* Mono No Aware ~ After the Experiment
Rotersand ~ Exterminate, Annihilate, Destroy (Re-noised mix)
This Morn Omina ~ The Ninth Key (ccf)
Memmaker ~ Death Audio
Chainreactor ~ Xtinction

Caustic ~ Cock Blockin Beatz
Terrorfakt ~ Headcase
* Accessory ~ Deadline
Fla Vector ~ Code 006
Cervello Elettronico ~ Stimulant
Aesthetic Perfection ~ The Pale
Das Ich ~ Dem Ich Dem Traum (L’ame Immortelle mix)
Monstrum Sepsis ~ Vestine
Tactical Sekt ~ Bring Me Violence
Suicide Commando ~ ?
X-Rx ~ Tanz Schlampe
Contaminant ~ Misleader
Gaga Nation (Lady Gaga vs VNV Nation, Sprite mix)

Weird Sketch
Suicide Commando ~ Hellraiser (VNV Nation remix)
Rotersand ~ War on Error
Alter Der Ruine ~ Loserstreet
Terrorfakt ~ Zero (Fuck Hive mix)
Xotox ~ Mechanische Unruhe (C2 remix)
SAM ~ Arm of Justice
Synth-etik ~ Lek
Manufactura ~ Killing You (uber mix)
Monolith Techno Buddah (power mix)


~ by infomorph on September 6, 2013.

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