Setlist: Nexus 6 at Neo 03/19/10

Setlist for Nexus 6 at Neo on 03/19/10 with DJs Sprite and Weird Sketch

*denotes a request

Syntech ~ Blaster
Mono- Anime ~ Like A Machine
Dazzling Malicious ~ Dissident
Monstrum Sepsis ~ Walkout Live
Cervello Electronico ~ Violent Skin
Hysteresis ~ Atomic Tendencies
Ah Coma-Sotz ~ Leviathan
Fla Vector ~ Virus

Weird Sketch
*Tarmvred ~ Destroy All Humans
Destroid ~ Soul Asylum
Prospero ~ Insomnia (Vertigo Remix)
Frontline Assembly ~ Providence
Ad-ver-sary ~ No Exit (Sartre Wasn’t Kidding Remix By Candle Nine)
Recoil ~ The Defector
Oil 10 ~ Propaganda
Headscan ~ Dissolution (Club Remix)
Haujobb ~ Sinus Problem
Seabound ~ Contact

*Rotersand ~ Electronic World Transmission
*Ivory Frequency ~ Dancing Troops
Alter Der Ruine ~ Fat Pony
*Xotox ~ Ewig
*Suicide Commando ~ Perils Of Indifference (Xotox Remix)
*Heimstatt Yipotash ~ Brain Amplifier
*Faderhead ~ TVDZ
Noisex ~ Industrial Drummer
ESA ~ Your Blood Is My Blood
*Wumpscut ~ Soylent Green
Aesthetic Perfection ~ Wasted Life
*Tactical Sekt ~ Damage Limitation
Memmaker ~ Insomnia

Weird Sketch
C/A/T ~ Smashed (V 2.0)
*Combichrist ~ Joy To The World
*Soman ~ Divine
*SAM ~ Catatonic Dreams (C/A/T Remix)
*Rotersand ~ War On Error (Mystery Remix)
*Terrorfakt ~ Achtung (Cervello Electonico Remix)
*Chainreactor ~ Malicious Damage
Alter Der Ruine ~ Loser Street
*Marching Dynamics ~ Dirty White Devil
*This Morn’ Omina ~ (The) Ninth key
Sonar ~ Tone Loc (Manufactura Remix)
Solitary Experiments ~ The Essence Of Mind (Re_Agent Remix)
E-Craft ~ Kill The Fakes (Remix)

*Funker Vogt ~ History
*IAMX ~ Nightlife
*Chainreactor ~ Stalinallee
Caustic ~ Cock Blocking Beats
Stahlfrequenz ~ 1st Nightmare
Fla Vector ~ Injection_99
Hypercomplex ~ Dimethyltryptamine
X-RX ~ Tanz Schlampe
Unter Null ~ Clock Is Ticking (Terrorfakt Remix)
Tonikom ~ Running As Fast As I Can
Detritus ~ Dust
Imminent ~ Lost Highway (Exit)
*Skinny Puppy ~ Warlock

Weird Sketch
Unter Art ~ Ugly
Accessory ~ War Of Emotions (Feindflug Remix)
Terrorkaft ~ Zero (Fuck Hive Remix)
Cervello Electronico ~ Killer Instinct
Monolith ~ Techno Buddha
Podwer Pussy ~ Universal Pussy Nation
Monstrum Sepsis ~ Moving Backwards To Proceed
Re_Agent ~ Weak and Wounded
*Icon Of Coil ~ Shelter (Analogue Brain Remix)
Boom Boxx ~ Balla Di La ?


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