Setlist: Medusa’s Darkwave 03-08-13

Setlist for Medusa’s Darkwave 03-08-13 with DJs Alpha Omega, Licious, and Sprite

DJ Alpha-Omega
2Raumwohnung ~ Spiel mit
Iamx- Kiss & swallow
Lords of acid- Nasty love
Beborn Beton- Another world
Covenant- tears in the rain
Sero overdose – She (remix)
Imperative Reaction – Judas
Cethron – Gaue front
X-rx – Drums, bass, drugz, & noise
Regenerate – Distatix

DJ Sprite
FabrikC ~ Chinese Food
Hocico ~ Vile Whispers (Dulce Liquido mix)
ESA ~ How Pure Would Your Utopia Be?
Aphorism ~ What We See Now
Detritus ~ Haunted
Autoclav1.1 ~ Let Me Sleep
Fractional ~ Tess
Memmaker ~ Kobenhavn Robotic Youth

DJ Licious
A Brilliant Massacre ~ Iron Sky
Junkie Gentlemen ~ Killing Time
Neikka RPM ~ I Am Your Girl (Tactical Sekt remix)
Black Opz ~ Hunted
RIP ~ ?
Grendel ~ Dirty
ESA ~ The Plot Sickens

DJ Alpha Omega
The presets- this boys in love
Angels on acid- Shadow Dance
Xenterfuge – Exolution
BlutEngel- Reich mir diehand
Somon- detail
Combichrist- Never surrender

DJ Sprite vs. Licious
Chainreactor ~ Wanna Break Out
Modulate ~ Boombox
Product ~ I, Omega
Antithesis ~ Suicide Music
Noisuf-X ~ Warning
SITD ~ Riot
Anthracitic Moths ~ Biomass (Refixed by Virgin Fix and Diezel Xzaust)
HexRx ~ Brain Basher (Head Spillage mix by W.A.S.T.E.)
Komor Kommando ~ Rhythm Machine
XP8 ~ Wake Up (Nitro Noise Remix)
Fla Vector ~ Code 006
Dirty K ~ Orphaned Mind
iVardensphere ~ Jigsaw
Memmaker ~ Deception
C/A/T ~ We Make Music To Piss You Off

DJ Alpha Omega
Combichrist- Happy fucking b-day
Mindless faith- mementron
Nachtmahr- War on the dance floor
Agonoize – The stark & disturbed
Mind in a Box- Certainty (seize remix)
Sam- Dreams
Phosgore- club domination
Fictional- Blue lights
NIN- The hand that rolls you
X-fusion – Thorn in my flesh
Sneaker pimps- Blood Sport
Devision- Boy toy

DJ Sprite vs. Licious
Sulphuric Saliva ~ Painkiller
Rotersand ~ Dare To Live
Monolith ~ Inner Core
Pow[d]erpussy ~ Killamachine
Nullvector ~ Mit Zur Monotonie
Soman ~ Divine (Acylum Remix)
The Operative ~ Revivalist
To Mega Therion ~ ?
Unter Null ~ The Clock Is Ticking (Terrorfakt Remix)
iVardensphere ~ Virus
Prometheus Burning ~ Significantly Altered
Pneumatic Deatch ~ Slow Chatter
Valium Era ~ Fcuk Me


~ by infomorph on September 3, 2013.

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