Setlist: Gen Con 8-17-12

Setlist for Gen Con on 8-17-12 with DJ Sprite

*Denotes a request

Set One – Front Room
Millipede ~ Measure of the Infinite Dance
Monolith ~ Lost Planet
C/A/T ~ Infinite Dance
Saltillo ~ If Wishes
Twinkle ~ La Victim Volontaire
Marching Dymanics ~ Ability To Distance
Tonikom ~ Walled In
Aphorism ~ Two Sides of the Bullet

Set Two – Main Room
Memmaker ~ Kobenhavn Robotic Youth
Virtual Terrorist ~ Adrenaline
Worms Of The Earth ~ Passing Through the Deep
Sulfuric Saliva ~ Painkiller
Modulate ~ Tweaking & Fucking
Polluted Axis ~ World’s Greatest Pirate Hunter
Chainreactor ~ X-Tinction
iVardensphere ~ Jigsaw
Reaper ~ Robuste Maschine

Set Three – Outside
Unter Null ~ The Clock is Ticking (Terrorfakt remix)
Fractured Transmission ~ Aware
Prometheus Burning ~ Significantly Altered
Manufactura ~ Dance Of Blood
Muted Logic ~ Abandon
Detuned Destruction ~ Clan des Schwarzen Sandes
Alter Der Ruine ~ ?
Roterstand ~ War on Error
Northborne ~ The Pill
The Operative ~ Revivalist


~ by infomorph on September 3, 2013.

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