Electrolysis at Stereo Nightclub Fri 3/29


Electrolysis (In electronic music): A sudden urge of the body for rhythmical dance movement.

Polish up your dancing boots and stomp alongside Chicago’s elite Industrial dancers for our one-off electronic dance event at the grand Stereo Nightclub featuring Chicago Industrial’s up-and-coming and veteran DJ’s:

JenaMax (Pandemic Chicago): Industrial and EBM.
Sprite (Kinetic Noise): Rhythmic Noise and Techno-Industrial.
c-LOS! (Noctronica): EBM and Dark Electro.
Hosted by Mr. E-?- handing out prizes from our sponsors!

Experience a lesser known more serious music scene, discover Chicago style Industrial dance movements, explore a darker nightlife, and make friends with a goth or someone with an accent! Dress code does not apply this night. For complimentary table reservations or to book a birthday party (free champagne!) click on Stereo’s link below.

8pm-2am/21+/$5 Before 11pm, $10 after, so get your dupas there early!

Sweet Looking Flyer Contributors: Michal Janicki (Studio Bema) and Joannie Wu

Stereo Nightclub

Kinetic Noise

Pandemic Chicago

Studio 21

Sunmist Restaurant


~ by infomorph on March 21, 2013.

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