July Nexus 6! 7/20

Clear your calendars and strap on your best stompin’ boots, the Kinetic Crew is gearing up to deliver your monthly dose of Rhythmic Noize, EBM, and Industrial. With DJs Sprite, Gremlin, and Licious.

@ Neo, 2350 N. Clark; FREE before 11 p.m., just $5 after. 21+ w/ID

We have a double release party this month! First up is Alter Der Ruine’s There’s Always One More Son of A Bitch, courtesy of Negative Gain Productions:
Info: http://www.negativegain.com/albums/adr-theres-always-onemore-son-of-a-bitch/

Second up is a grab bag of releases from Bugs Crawling Out of People: Famine, compUterus, Worms of the Earth, and It Clings vs. Pneumatic Detach.

Info: http://bugscrawlingoutofpeople.com/

We’ll be giving away CDs and more on a random basis to folks that stop by and make requests at the DJ booth!


~ by infomorph on July 19, 2012.

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