Nexus 6 – May 18th – Death of Self Release Party!

Nexus 6 brings its monthly assault to Neo with the latest and best rhythmic noize, EBM, and aggro-industrial. Kinetic DJs Licious, Gremlin, and Sprite are on the decks.

This month is also a release party for the new album “Embracing the Things We Hate About Ourselves” by Chicago’s own Death of Self! We’ll be handing out giveaways to a random selection of people who stop up at the DJ booth and make a good/interesting request!

Nexus 6 is 10pm-4am, 21+ w/ID, $5, FREE before 11pm

Previous Nexus 6 set lists:

Death of Self’s debut full length cd release “Embracing The Things We Hate About Ourselves” is livid industrial that combines compulsive beats with a gritty self-polluted style, as distorted and disdainful in sound as it is in context.

This album explores the sociopathic tendencies within, the absurd struggle to find some sense of happiness or at least acceptance of one’s self; that digging, destructive turmoil of inner evaluation. in essence the desire to have a realization that reveals the truth for what it is, in all its horror. the dark corners and twisted workings of the mind are exposed within the tortured synth lines, destroyed drums, thick atmospheres, flowing strings, and aggressive and intelligent lyrics.

Conceived in 2006, the goal of chicago’s death of self was to create an unaltered, clear perspective of the world through its sound, exposing the darkness within and unmasking the blinders. after two limited release experiments, an ep and an extended ep with remixes by assemblage 23 and noisuf-X, death of self caught the attention of canadian industrial label bugs crawling out of people, who signed them and slotted them for their first release of 2012.


~ by infomorph on May 17, 2012.

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