2 Events This Weekend!

Kinetic has two events this weekend. First up is Nexus 6 on Friday — our monthly takeover of Neo’s dancefloor with EBM, rhythmic noise, and dark electronic dance tracks! This month features DJs Gremlin, Sprite, and Licious.

Following this on Saturday, Kinetic DJs Sprite and Gremlin will be spinning for Bonedance’s 555 Event:

5 Dancers, 5 Fashion Designers, 5 Minutes to Create, Model and Dance. A live MC and DJ provide the noise. Anything can happen.

Late Night at The Viaduct
April 20 & 21 at 9:30p
$5 BONEfit to help BONEdanse

MC Friday night: Jyldo
MC Saturday Night: Atalee

LIVE DJ Music:
Friday: DJ Pathogen
Saturday: DJane Gremlin & DJ Infomorph

Fashion Designers:
Fri: Branimira Ivanova, Klaar Martin, RoboKitty, At Attack!, & Sara Perez.
Sat: Branimira Ivanova, Klaar Martin, C Byrne, Emily Driver, & Tank Tana

Dance Artists:
Friday: Karla Beltchenko, BRAT, Francesca Bourgalt, Melissa Ganser, Adam Gauzza, Kelly Kane, Megan Klein, Mindy Meyers, Gretchen Soechting, Katie Sopoci Drake, and Sammy Spriggs.

Saturday: Janna Barta, Simone Baechle, Adriana Durant, Melissa Ganser, Benjamin Law, Mindy Meyers, Lindsay Reich, Jordan Reinwald, Nicolle Scatchell, and Gretchen Soechting.

Imagine 2 rolling racks rolled onto stage. Brimming with crazy wearables, donated costumes, shoes/hats/props with trash bags and tape of all colors in a crate. The Designers clamour to the armory to grab what they can to make their arsenal of Frankenstein Fashion… but they won’t have any time to sew anything and safety pins are banned – only diaper pins, scissors & tape allowed here. Will jackets be worn as pants? Hats wrapped around feet? Wigs as bustles? Expect anything.

Once festooned, Dancers will model their new found ootfits with commentary from the unforgiving MC… Dancers will then attempt to dance for 5 minutes without poking any eyes out or having the damn things fall apart mid leap. Should. be. funneee. we mean… interesting.

Music will be a mix of genres thrown at them by the DJ – playing crazy mixes from country music to classical to who knows what… Expect anything.

All artists are volunteering their time, sweat and creativity for this… so a little fun must be had by all!


~ by infomorph on April 18, 2012.

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