Autoclav1.1, Aphorism, Millipede, and Candle Nine

This show should not be missed! DJ Sprite from Kinetic will be spinning between bands.

Coming off of the very successful 4 day WTII Records Minfest last June we see the return of the WTII Records Showcases with a special Saturday edition. The WTII Records Showcases were an on going monthly live event that ran for over 5 consecutive years and focused on Electro, Industrial, Gothic, New Wave,Metal and trip-hop bands both local and national. The nights may have slowed down a bit in frequency but haven’t loss anything in the strength of the lineups that they bring. The night is sponsored/hosted by Dave of WTII Records.

To mark the return of the WTII Records showcases in 2012 we thought we would bring you a bill filled with a worthy IDM headliner such as Autoclav1.1, Millipede and Aphorism as well as the rising Chicago talent, Candle Nine. This marks the Chicago debut of Tympanik’s recording artist, Autoclav1.1, who has come all of the way from the United Kingdom for this special event which is his ONLY US SHOW. It also marks the return of Aphorism to the stage for the first time since 2009! Those of you who have been coming to the WTII Records showcases over the past few years will no doubt recognize Don Hill’s project, Millipede, as he not only grabbed an opening slot at the WTII Minifest this past June but has also played shows next to Oneiroid Psychosis and kicked off the 2010 Electronic Saviors benefit show along side Acumen Nation, Christ Analogue, Cyanotic and more. Despite being around since 2006 this is the first opportunity that I have had to work with Chicago’s Candle Nine and frankly I couldn’t be more excited about it. If you’re a fan of Haujobb, Converter or Download be sure to get there early as you don’t want to miss his set!

Autoclav1.1 (Tympanik Audio)
This will be the ONLY US date!!!
Millipede (Hymen Records)
Performing tracks from the next CD!!!
Aphorism (Tympanik Audio)
First show since 2009!!!
Candle Nine (Tympanik Audio)

Plus! DJ Sprite (Kinetic Noise) and David Schock (WTII Records) will be spinning between sets!


Live Wire Lounge, 3394 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago IL
Doors at 8pm
Close at 2:00 am
SUGGESTED DOOR PRICE: $7!?! You just can’t beat that!!!
21+ older
Saturday April 14th,2012

Mainly known for his promotional work within the electronic music scene, Tony Young aka: Autoclav1.1 turned his hand to writing music late 2004. Since then he has had numerous successes including two EP’s, two albums ‘You are my all and more‘ and ‘Visitor Attractions’ [Crunch Pod], and 2007 a remix album ‘Broken Beats for Broken Hearts‘ [Hive], all of which have cemented Autoclav1.1 as one of the more prolific artists on the scene. Fusing huge orchestral compositions and IDM with flashes of Industrial and modern Electronica, Autoclav1.1 is quickly gaining a reputation for pulling on the deepest of human emotions with a variety of melody frequently torn apart by paranoid beatwork and broken rhythmical structures.

On ‘Love no Longer Lives Here‘, his third studio album and first for rising US label Tympanik Audio in 2008, Young changed the goal posts once more and treads some new waters without forgetting his past. More emphasis had been placed on heart rendering piano sections and soul capturing melodies. The introduction of more organic instruments are thrown into the mix with a splash of guitars and a nod to other musical genres added an altogether new dimension, displaying a maturity and growth that we have come to expect with each Autoclav1.1 release. The album includes a couple of guest appearances from Jamie of ESA and Dave from Cradle of Filth, and highlights Autoclav1.1‘s diversity and willingness to work within different musical scopes.

In 2009, Autoclav1.1‘s album ‘Where Once Were Exit Wounds‘ was released. A visceral montage of complex beats, surging guitars, pulsating synthwork, and undying melodies, that will well exceed even the most ascertaining tastes, all the while exhibiting a flow of embracing atmospheres and lovely melodic breeziness that will encompass its listener with warmth and gentle adrenaline time and time again. Autoclav1.1 fearlessly interjects a powerful concoction of love, loss, and despair fueled by lathering electronic rhythms akin to a thoughtful drive accelerating almost uncontrollably along a distant country road on a warm summer night.

Available now is the 2010 Autoclav1.1 album ‘All Standing Room In The Goodnight Saloon‘ featuring guest appearances by Leaether Strip, Xotox, Attrition, Experiment Haywire, Millipede, and Riotmilloo, melding signature piano movements with moments of infectious guitar riffs and dark electronica all accentuated by tight beatwork and memorable melodies. A rich and full-sounding album that charges forward gracefully throughout and effortlessly conjures a lasting impression on the listener.

Forthcoming: Brand new album from Autoclav1.1 titled ‘Embark On Departure‘ – watch for it early 2012 from Tympanik Audio.

Don Hill has been creating dark ambient music under the moniker Porteur
de l’Image since 1998. While he was exploring new music-software, yet
unexpected options of his musical self-conception opened up and resulted
in Millipede. This project has taken on a life of its own – much more
beat-oriented and complex than pdl’I, yet still dark and harsh – “a
soundtrack for contemplation,” as Hill explains. With the support of Josh
Pyle (Aphorism) and the usage of samples granted by Pyle, Jan Carleklev
(Sanctum) and Angel Draganov (Polygon Ring), Millipede’s first full-length
release sees the light of day: all my best intentions”. -S.alt (Hymen &
Ant-Zen Records)

” Millipede lays down a caleidoscope of beat-driven melancholy, marked by
an acute sense of memorable tunes which will persist long after each track
fades. a panoramic of digital glitch, pounding rhythms and bass lines
agglutinated by melodic ambiance. Add to this the occasional carefully
placed application of acoustic guitars, fender rhodes piano and electric
bass, a unique and captivating album that crosses boundaries is the
result; not isolated idm, glitch, or dark ambient but a combination of
elements of them all and more”. -S.alt (Hymen & Ant-Zen Records)

Aphorism‘s Josh Pyle is no stranger to electronic music. Drawn to the darker end of its spectrum in the early 90′s, Josh spent years in the Industrial music scene. Involved in a number of projects, Josh relocated from Texas to Chicago in 2000. With a music background spanning well over 15 years, Josh’s project Aphorism began to take shape in 2005.
Although obsessed with the ability to create physically impossible sounds while driving his equipment to the edge, Josh never lost his love for post punk and Wax-Trax! era electronic dance music. With inspirations ranging from Berlin Electro to Skinny Puppy; from Amon Tobin to Dub, the combination of stylistic influences plus an interest in 60′s and 70′s European soundtracks, all contribute to the Aphorism sound.
Aphorism joins Tympanik Audio for his incredibly dynamic debut album release titled ‘Surge‘, featuring remixes by Totakeke, Access To Arasaka, and Tapage, out now. In the meantime, you can find a new and exclusive track by Aphorism on Tympanik Audio‘s recent compilation release ‘Emerging Organisms 2‘ plus free full downloads of 2 tracks from ‘Surge‘, one on Connexion Bizarre‘s compilation release ‘You Are Here: A Compilation Of Illinois Electronics‘ and the other on the ‘Surge‘ release page.

From his humble beginnings as an acoustic songwriter in Michigan to his recent move to Tympanik’s hometown Chicago, Candle Nine has always immersed himself in the aesthetic of reinvention.
From his first experience with a sequencer in 2006, the mysterious Candle Nine has done little else but constantly reshape and refine his own sound based upon his own path towards artistic aural expression. Heavily inspired by genre-breaking projects such as Gridlock, Haujobb, Converter, and Download, Candle Nine‘s music is altogether harsh, destructive, atmospheric, and splintered, while all at once being very moving and cerebral. With his mixture of ambient soundscapes, glitched synths and percussion, and shattered IDM-laced breakbeats, Candle Nine pays homage to his influences and ultimately creates a sound all his own.

Out now is Candle Nine‘s debut album ‘The Muse In The Machine‘ on Tympanik Audio. A continuous collage of broken beats, haunting atmospheres, addictive beatwork, all wrapped up in expert precision and purposeful cohesiveness.


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