Dirk Geiger’s Second Life

Tympanik is offering Dirk Geiger’s Second Life remix collection as a free download:

Available now is the long-awaited remix collection from Dirk GeigerSecond Life‘. Taking selections from Dirk Geiger‘s 2010 album ‘Autumn Life‘ on Tympanik Audio, 14 talented electronic artists now present their own renditions of Dirk’s unique sounds.

Soaked with rich atmospheres, embracing melodies, and a whole range of intricate rhythms, ‘Second Life‘ flows effortlessly along wondrous aural paths with expert cohesiveness, allowing the listener to explore in great depth the album’s many intricacies.

Featuring some of the finest and most talented electronic musicians on the forefront of the dark IDM, ambient, and  electronica scenes including Tapage, Midimode, SE, Hotaru Bay, Subheim, Autoclav1.1, Pleq, Anklebiter, Candle Nine, Ahnst Anders, and more,  ‘Second Life‘ is most certainly a journey worth taking over and over again.


~ by infomorph on July 31, 2011.

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