Setlist Nexus 6: Haujobb “Dead Market” release party

Thanks to all who made it out to Nexus 6 Friday night. It was a great time. See you all next month! Here’s the damage:

Nexus 6: Haujobb Dead Market Release Party 6-17-11


ADMX-71 – In Decay They Lurk
Converter – Gateway Rite
Mend – Sibling
The Incredible Three – One More Ride
Haujobb – Transfer
Halo_Gen – Sutra
Architect – Belgian Connection
Empusae + Shinkiro – First Ornament
Download – Beehatch
Haujobb – Solid State Logic
Phantom West – Winter Market (Espionage Mix)
Haujobb – Dream Aid


Cervello Ellettronico – Player
Manufactura — ?
Morgernstern –
Skinny Puppy – The Choke
Suicide Commando – BTK
Decoded Feedback – Phoenix
Unter Null – The Fall
Feindflug –
Ivardensphere – Virus


Haujobb – Dead Market (Extended)
Covenant – Judge of My Domain
Solitary Experiments – Never Surrender
Cryo – Substance
[de:ad:cibel] – Too Tired to Consume
[r] Memmaker — Sneaking Through The Totalitarian Filter
Chainreactor – Locked In
Proyecto Mirage – Nicht
[r] Numb – Blind
Haujobb – Homes & Gardens (Optimixed V1.2)
Ivardensphere – Bloodwater
Destroid – Moral
Rotersand – Speak to Me


Nekkia RPM – I Am Your Girl (Tactical Sekt rmx)
[r] Terrorfakt – Fine Art of Killing Yourself
Memmaker – Get Your Ass to Mars
Soman – Noistyle
SAM – Halluzinogen
RIP – Temporary Evacuation
Antithesys – Time Will Tell
Noisuf-X –
SITD – Rot
Erodecay – BDSM
Extize – Boyz Love Girls (XRX rmx)
Modulate – Hard & Dirty
Corporate Soldiers – Party To We Die


[syndika:zero] – Celluloid Dream (Fatal Memory)
[r]Prometheus Burning – Some Things Were Meant to Stay Broken
Dulce Liquido – Serial Killer
Siva Six – Angels of the Nine (Hydra Division V mix)
Haujobb – Boom Operator
Chrysalide – Traders Must Die
This Morn Omina – One Eyed Man
Monolith – Global World (Reworked)
Mlada Fronta – XB 33
Synapscape – Bigger Space
Oil 10 – Grand Illusion
Haujobb – Renegades of Noize
C-Tec – Stateless
Accessory – War of Emotion (feindflug rmx)
DavaNtage – Decadence (Wynardtage Remix)


~ by kineticnoise on June 20, 2011.

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