Setlist: Nexus 6 – 3-18-11

Nexus 6 on 3-18-2011 @ Neo w/DJs misterentropy and Licious

As usual, Licious failed to bring a filthy assistant to write down his set. So here’s misterentropy’s portion:

[r] denotes a request

Empusae+Shinkiro  — Fourth Ornament
Polygon — Memorandum
Anhedonia — Beautiful Evil
Millipede (W/ Access To Arasaka & Candle Nine) — Darkest Night
Disharmony — Plasmodium
Ahnst Anders — Night & Day
Numb — Deviation
Lexincrypt — Scar Tissue
Skinny Puppy — Morpheus Laughing
Sleepwalk — Lost in Hopelessness


Covenant — Judge of My Domain
[de:ad:cibel] — To Tired to Consume
[syndika:zero] — Zodiac
[r] Amduscia — Melodies for the Devil
[r] Tactical Sekt — Bring Me Violence
Suicide Commando — Death Cures All Pain
davaNtage — Unholy (In Necropolis A.D” Remix)
Rotersand — Rushing
Accessory — If This Isn’t a Dream
Prometheus Burning — Mindbenders
ESA — Not A Man of God
Feindflug — Gulag


Headscan — Zenith
Oil 10 — Lost in Translation
Mlada Fronta — XB-33
Destroid — Moral
Solitary Experiments — Miracle
Hocico — Call for Destruction
Mimetic — Gloomy
Detune-X — Sleepness
Orphx — Pox Americana
Haujobb — A Terrifying Truth (v0.1)
Das Ich — Gottes Tod (Dance or Die remix)
Decoded Feedback — Phoenix
Synapscape — Thirsteater
Hocico — Untold Blasphemies


~ by infomorph on March 24, 2011.

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