Setlist Nexus 6 1-21-11


ADMX-71 — In Decay They Lurk
Antigen Shift — Verglas
Imminent Starvation — Ren
White Ring — lxC999
Klangstabil — Lauf, Lauf!
Zero Degree — One Million Miles Beyond the Sun
Empusae — Alkevar
Sonic Area — Nevermore
Orphx — Anima
Forma Tadre — Gates
Diskonekted — Prayer (Kneel Down)
Cryo — Forgotten


Geomatic — Turn of the Coil
Heimstatt Yipotash — Brain Amplifier
Milligramme — Stomache
Broken Fabiola — Japanese Call Girl (Manufactura remix)
Monolith — Paralyzed By Fear
Monstrum Sepsus — Least
Suicide Commando — Raise Your God
Fla Vector — Code 006
IVardensphere — A Sign of Things to Come
SAM — Murder Inc
Accessory — War of Emotion (Feindflug remix)
Aesthetic Perfection — The Siren
Covenant — Beat the Noise


Destroid — Friend or Foe (The Betrayal)
Straftanz — Out of Time
Assemblage 23 — Spark
Rotersand — Dirty
Re:legion — Cancer Decay
Solitary Experiments — Pale Candle Light (X-Fusion remix)
Vomito Negro — Blood, Sweat, and Tears
Tactical Sekt — The Hanging Garden
[syndika:zero] — 12 Gauge Incision
Prometheus Burning — Suffering In Silence
Hocico — A Call for Destruction
Converter — In Hell
Detune-X — Sleepless
Chrysalide — Noize Guerilla


The Retrosic — Dragonfire
Alter der Ruine — K.I.A.
Xotox — Ewig
Noisuf-X — Nervouz Beatz (For Maniac Freakz)
Sulphuric Saliva — Painkiller
Victo Ecret — Ostantnia Godzina
[r]Chainreactor — X-Tinction
Suicide Commando — Die Motherfucker Die
[r]Prometheus Burning — Significantly Altered
Recever — Whiteout
Muted Logic — Abandon
[r]Converter — Coma
Manufactura — Killing You


Covenant — Judge of My Domain
Sleepwalk — Behind the Horizon
God Module — Sections
Coil — Love’s Secret Domain
Suicide Commando — The Perils of Indifference
[r]X-RX — Tanz Schlampe
DavaNtage — Virus Hate (Acylum remix)
Feindflug — Aetherkrieg
OIl 10 — Lost in Metropolis
Memmaker — Sneaking Through the Totalitarian Filter
Rotersand — Beneath the Stars
Solitary Experiments — The Dark Inside of Me


[r]ESA — Your Blood is My Blood
Fla Vector — H20-H
Geistform — New Test
Pain Machinery — Exterminator
Since Forever — Fatalistic
Hysteresis — Touattaq


~ by kineticnoise on January 24, 2011.

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