Setlist: Nexus 6 2-19-10


Mlada Fronta — Untitled from Oxydes (Dither rmx)
Zentriert Ins Antlitz — Where Their Dreams Live
[Haven] — Tell Me About Madness
Architect — Dievorce
Klangstabil — Verfuhrung (Listen Loud Mix)
Displacer — Fueled
Subheim — Howl
Sonic Area — Oktober
OTX — Microscopic Invasion
Exocet — Tug of War
Disharmony — Euphoric
Mimetic Desire — Perversion (Anschlag Mix)
Asphalt! — Dark Dreams


Milllipede — Endless
The Retrosic — Elysium
Monstrum Sepsis — A Place in Time
Needle Sharing — Clicks Per Second
Aphorism — What We See Now
Tonikom — Running As Fast As I Can
ESA — How Pure Would Your Utopia Be?
People’s Republic of Europe — Dirty Distorted Dancehall
Mimetic — Sdaa 1
Feindflug — Aetherkrieg
Xotox — Ewig
Suicide Commando — Come Down With Me


God Module — Still So Strange
Haujobb — Penetration (Floor Mix)
Siechtum — Gesellschaft Mord
Detritus — Dust
Din-a-Tod — Creation Crucifixtion
Anthony Rother — Back Home
Oliver Lieb — Jesus Ist Da! (Main Mix)
Atomizer — Underdog
Drumcorps — Pig Destroyer
Chrysalide — Noize Guerilla (Gangstanoize Remix by Sonic Area


Nachtmahr — Morder (Feindflug Remix)
Phosgore — Red Red Krovvy (X-Rx Remix)
X-RX — Industrial Rave Revolution
Memmaker — Get Your Ass to Mars
C/A/T — Line in the Sand (One Step Over Mix)
Fla Vector — Adrenaline
NaRick — Contra
Noisuf-X — Hit Me Hard
Chainreactor — Incendiary
VNV Nation — Structure
Nullvektor — Mut Zur Monotonie
Combichrist — Without Emotions
Accessory — War of Emotions (Feindflug Remix)
Aesthetic Perfection — The Great Depression


Destroid — Friend or Foe (The Betrayal)
Assemblage 23 — Spark
Accessory — If This is a Dream
God Module — Sections
Perfidious Words — Ruined (L’aime Immortelle Remix)
[syndika:zero] — Celluloid Dreams
HexRx — Nightmare
Critical System Error — The Guilty Dance with the Devil
Numb — Static
Tactical Sekt — Devil’s Work (Solitary Experiments Remix)
*Combichrist — This Shit Will Fuck You Up
*Assemblage 23 — Disappoint
Seabound — Poisonous Friend
Artz+Pfusch — Love


Converter — Order/Creature
Mlada Fronta — High Tension
Fla Vector — H20-H
Totakeke — The Things That Disappear (Shattered by Lucidstatic)
Detritus & Mothboy — Archipelego
*Skinny Puppy — Worlock
Alter Der Ruine — A Plea for the Dawn


~ by kineticnoise on March 7, 2010.

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