Setlist: Singularity 1-29-10

Singularity 1/29/10 at Neo with DJs misterentropy, Sprite, and Weird Sketch

* denotes a request

Morgenstern ~ Blow Away My Reason
Tonal Y Nagual ~ Cog in the Machine
Ad-ver-sary ~ Waiting for Gira (ESA mix)
OTX ~ Blood for Oil
Hysteresis ~ Touattaq
The People’s Republic of Europe ~ Dirty Distorted Dancehall
Torrent Vaccine ~ Exude (Phonogeist mix)
Monstrum Sepsis ~ Deliverance
ESA ~ Intense Deceit and a Thousand Empty Promises

Diskonneckted ~ Prayer (Kneel Down)
Rabia Sorda ~ Mirrors and Knives
ESR ~ Losing Control
Snog ~ Are You Normal Enough
Solitary Experiments ~ Never Surrender
Sleepwalk ~ In My Mind
Destroid ~ Denial of Life
Vomito Negro ~ Blood, Sweat, and Tears
Hocico ~ Ruptura
DavaNtage ~ Unholy (In Necropolis AD mix)
Decoded Feedback ~ Monument
Accessory ~ The Hole

Weird Sketch
Destroid ~ Soul Asylum
Seabound ~ Contact (remix)
? ~ Nightline (Cervello remix)
Headscan ~ Dissolution (Club mix)
Haujobb ~ Sinus Problem
This Morn Omina ~ Shiftwind
Monolith ~ Techno Buddah
Cervello Elettronico ~ ?
Terrorfakt ~ No Frequency (Imperative Reaction remix)
SAM ~ Catatonic Dreams (C/A/T remix)
Sonar ~ Tone Loc (Manufactura remix)
Solitary Experiments ~ Essence of Mind (Reagent remix)

*Combichrist ~ This Shit Will Fuck You Up
Rotersand ~ Speak to Me
Re:legion ~ Cancer Decay
Straftanz ~ Burn Down Heaven
Destroid ~ Open My Eyes
Assemblage 23 ~ Spark
*Hocico ~ Fed Up
9 Elma ~ Voodoo
Heimstatt Yipotash ~ In Statu Nascendi
Chainreactor ~ Bluhende Landschaften
Suicide Commando ~ The Perils of Indifference
Tactical Sekt ~ Waiting for the World to End
Feindflug ~ Gulag
*Memmaker ~ Robot Buzz

Alter Der Ruine ~ Loserstreet
Gaga Nation (VNV Nation + Lady Gaga + Christopher Walken – DJ Sprite mashup)
Suicide Commando ~ Sterbehilfe
God Module ~ Interference
Caustic ~ Cock Blockin Beats
Chainreactor ~ X-tinction
*Reagent ~ weak and Wounded (Terrorfakt remix)
*Combichrist ~ Joy to the World
*Rotersand ~ Would You Spin This?
C/A/T ~ We Make Music To Piss You Off
Fla Vector ~ Adrenaline
X-Rx ~ Industrial Rave Revolution
Contaminant ~ Misleader

Weird Sketch
C/A/T ~ Smashed v2
The Operative ~ Dirty White Devil
Modulate ~ Skullfuck (Caustic remix)
E-Craft ~ Kill the Fakes (remix)
SAM ~ Arm of Justice
Dulce Liquido ~ Dissolucion (No Vox Version)


~ by infomorph on January 31, 2010.

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