Thanks – and a Salute to Razer-X

The turnout at Nexus 6 last night was phenomenal — thanks to everyone who came out to show support! We rallied the troops to show the new management we could pull the numbers, and the response was excellent. It seemed like everyone had a great time, a lot of you stayed to the end, and you even danced to the VNV Nation-Lady Gaga mash-up we inflicted upon you! Well done.

Last night was not without its sad notes, though. Chief among them was that Rob K., aka DJ Razer-X, put in his notice last night that he would not be spinning at Neo anymore, after 10+ years of residency. Rob’s always been a down-to-earth, no-drama, request-fulfilling, real mensch to work with, and we owe him a big thanks for letting us step in on one of his Friday nights to start up Nexus 6. We’re sorry to see him go and we hope we’ll still be seeing him around and maybe even spinning at other events. Thanks for everything Rob!


~ by infomorph on January 17, 2010.

One Response to “Thanks – and a Salute to Razer-X”

  1. […] Rob/Razer-X stepping down as the resident Friday night DJ, Fridays at Neo are going to be in flux for a bit. Both Nexus 6 […]

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