Setlist: Nexus 6 1-15-10

Setlist for Nexus 6 at Neo on 1-15-10 with DJs Gremlin, Licious, and Sprite

* denotes a request

Contagious Orgasm ~ Firewalker … and Way In, Way Out
Geomatic ~ The Bliss
Igor ~ Niekochani
Monstrum Sepsis ~ Moving Backwards to Proceed
Wai Pi Wai ~ Blue Voice
Audio Plug ~ X-Posed
Accessory ~ War of Emotions (Feindflug mix)
Sonar ~ Tone Loc (Manufactura vs. Converter)
Cruciform Injection ~ Vacant Bodies
Seabound ~ Contact

Aphorism ~ Two Sides of the Bullet
*Millipede ~ Endless
Detritus ~ Archipelago
Marching Dynamics ~ Ability to Distance
*Hysteresis ~ Atomic Tendencies
T-Faktor ~ When Spirits Collide (Nau-Zee-auN Remix)
ESA ~ How Pure Would Your Utopia Be
Rotersand ~ Would You Spin This?
Config.sys ~ Ulysses
Geistform ~ Red Electrica
Noisex ~ Enforce the Power
Modulate ~ Electronic Battle Weapon
Contaminant ~ Headshot

Nachtmahr ~ Boom Boom Boom
*This Morn Omina ~ The Immutable Sphere (ccf)
Nekkia RPM ~ I Am Your Girl
Decoded Feedback ~ Phoenix
Noisuf-X ~ Hit Me Hard
Modulate ~ Hard and Dirty
*Memmaker ~ Robot Buzz
Distatix ~ ?
*Some Tiga Song

And One ~ Panzermensch
Combichrist ~ Tractor
Soman ~ Divine
Pow[d]erpussy ~ I Bring You Peace
The Azoic ~ Conflict (Combichrist Mix)
SINA ~ Headstrong
Virtual Embrace ~ Roots of Evil
Unter Null ~ The Clock Is Ticking Fast (Terrorfakt Remix)
*This Morn Omina ~ (FP)
Monolith ~ Techno Buddah
*CH District ~ Consequence

Alter Der Ruine ~ Loserstreet
Tumor ~ Two Seconds
Converter ~ Order/Creature
Monstrum Sepsis ~ Searched Mind
E-Craft ~ Kill the Fakes
Nullvektor ~ Mit Zur Monotonie
SAM ~ Hard Technology
*Schnarph! ~ ER
Chainreactor ~ X-tinction
Tactical Sekt ~ Bring the Violence
Fla Vector ~ Injection 99
X-Rx ~ Tanz Schlampe
Muted Logic ~ Abandon
Critical System Error ~ Crisis Perverted

Gremlin and Sprite Tag-Teaming
Manufactura ~ Dance of Blood (With Knives mix)
Iszoloscope ~ Once the Inferno
Angels & Agony ~ Salvation (Club Mix)
Aesthetic Perfection ~ Schadenfreude
*Decoded feedback ~ Phoenix (whoops!)
Gaga Nation (Sprite’s VNV Nation – Lady Gaga – Christopher Walken Mashup)
Death of Self ~ The Dark Passenger (Noisuf-X Remix)


~ by infomorph on January 17, 2010.

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