Changes at Neo/Nexus 6 Tonight 1/15!

As many folks have heard, there have been some sudden changes at Neo. Despite the rumors, Neo is NOT closing. The old manager is gone and new management is in place. We talked to the new guy in charge, tonight, and confirmed a few things.

First off, there are no plans to change anything with the next couple of weeks. The new manager is going to be reviewing how things go at Neo for a little while before he makes any major changes. He did mention wanting to clean the place up a bit and fix the sound, both of which are needed and welcome.

Yes, this means that Nexus 6 is still on for tonight (Friday Jan. 15)!Even better, we negotiated some changes. For one, the cover price has been reduced from $7 to $5, so it’s once again the same as other Friday nights. DJs Gremlin and Sprite will be rocking the dance floor, with a little bit of Licious thrown in too. Neo resident Razer-X will be taking the night off.

Since the new management is reviewing the state of affairs at Neo, this also means that we need to make a good impression and show ’em what we’ve got. We’ve seen a lot of panic about Neo on Facebook and other places, and even some talk of boycotting the place. This is the opposite of what needs to happen. We need people to come out and show your support over the next few weeks — not just to Nexus 6 but to all the Neo nights that you favor. So come on out and support your local dark and aggressive dance nights!


~ by infomorph on January 15, 2010.

One Response to “Changes at Neo/Nexus 6 Tonight 1/15!”

  1. I love Neo, been coming here for a while, glad to see the cover back down to $5 for Nexus 6. Replicants shouldn’t have to pay more. Also would like to see the Free with Reader Ad before 11 come back. Or some type of free with (facebook) password before 11. It gives people incentive to go, its how I got many friends to come who were scared at first and now they love the place and come on many different nights. Plus I always spend that money back on booze when I’m there anyway so its not like your losing it. And most folks don’t show until after 11 anyway. I could never boycott the place. I ❤ it too much. Well those are just a few suggestions. Lets keep Neo strong into 2010 and beyond

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