Setlist: Kinetic 11-28-09

Setlist for Kinetic 11-28-09 @Underground Lounge with DJs Gremlin and Sprite

*denotes a request

Displacer ~ Bits & Bytes
Geomatic ~ The Bliss
Mothboy ~ A303
Nerve Filter ~ Beneath a Bed of Wet Leaves
Milligramme ~ Stomache
I-gor ~ Serwol
Cellular ~ The Shadow of John Maynard Keynes
Arzt + Pfusch ~ Better-Than-You
Architect ~ Vectorize

Millipede ~ Endless
Monstrum Sepsis ~ A Place and Time
*Detritus ~ Haunted
Larvae ~ Crazyeye
*Hysteresis ~ Shotgun
Tarmvred ~ A Light and Hectic Place
Orphx ~ Pre-Dawn Haze
O’dem ~ Pills, Drum, and Bass
Empusae ~ Knowledge
Celluloid Mata ~ Foolish
Tonal-y-Nagual ~ Cog

C/A/T ~ Parasight (Instrumental Mix)
Needle Sharing ~ Clicks Per Second
Scrap.edx ~ Thrashcode Percussion Module 063003
Ah Cama-Sotz ~ Narbukh
Converter ~ Cloud’s eye (Creeper remix by Ad-ver-sary)
Moctan ~ Watch-out
Otx ~ Last Train to Southeast Europe
Prospero ~ Fury of the Tempest (This Morn Omina mix)
Twinkle ~ La Victim Voluntaire
Empusae ~ Seygot (Family version)
*Heimstatt Yipotash ~ How Kosmic They are
Wai Pi Wai ~ YPY
*Alter Der Ruine ~ Relax and Ride It

Config.sys ~ Universal Code Language
Magus ~ Necessary Overdrive
Memmaker ~ Insomnia
Xebox ~ Working In A Bar
Chainreactor ~ Stalinallee
The Operative ~ Revivalist
Mono no Aware ~ After the Experiment
Imminent Starvation ~ Lost Highway (Exit)
Xotox ~ Eisenkiller (Industriepalast mix)
Critical System Error ~ Crisis Perverted
Scrap.edx ~ Orbital Strike Weapon
X-Rx ~ Industrial Rave Revolution
*Stahlfrequenz ~ Black Horizon

Gremlin and Sprite, Trading Off
Unter Null ~ The Clock Is Ticking (Terrorfakt remix)
Prospero ~ Insomnia (Stasis mix)
*Pow[d]erpussy ~ I Bring You Peace
The People’s Republic of Europe ~ Dirty Distorted Dancehall
Monstrum Sepsis ~ Moving Backwards to Proceed
Mimetic ~ sdaa1
S:Cage ~ Residue (Displacer mix)
Rob Dougan ~ Furious Angels (Instrumental)


~ by infomorph on December 9, 2009.

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