Setlist: Hidden Forms 11-7-09

Hidden Forms Radio (WNUR 89.3) on 11-7-09 with Sprite and Rosie Rivets

port-royal: susy: blue east fading [dying in time- n5md]
exocet: tug of war [grotesque consumer- ant-zen]
displacer: windmill (marching dynamic remix) [x was never like this…-
tympanik audio]
millipede: deepest peace (disturbed as hecq remix) [all my best intentions- hymen records]
c-drone-defect: tempus fugit (implant remix) [letters from dystopia-
undermathic: independence [return to childhood- tympanik audio]
ah cama-sotz: an-rar le feu [la procesion de la sangre- hands productions]
cervello elettronico: stimulant [process of elimination- crunch pod]
terrorfakt: firefly [reevolution- metropolis records]
[:sitd:]- mk ultra [rot- accession records]
herzschlag: herzschlag [fest der liebe- infacted recordings]
life cried: preacher [banished psalms- cop international]

aphorism: what we see now [surge- tympanik audio]
detritus: haunted [things gone wrong – ad noiseam]
marching dynamics: ability to distance [workers party of haiti – hymen]
geomatic: turn of the coil [blue beam – m-tronic]
hysteresis – psychedelic knowhow [measured chaos – spectre]
monstrum sepsis – green river [movement – WTII records]
the people’s republic of europe – dirty distorted dancehall [babylon – vendetta]
synth-etik – 05212011 [waiting for the rapture – hands]
geistform – a transistor [pro analogic – hands]
chainreactor – hexenfutterung [x-tinction – pro noize]
last days of s.e.x. – counterculture not subculture [great irony and the politically s.e.x.plosive – hands]
naRick – contra [absetzer – absetzer]
13th monkey – anality [redefining the paradigm of bang – hands]


~ by infomorph on November 11, 2009.

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