Setlist: Nexus 6 at Neo 8-21-09

Nexus 6 @Neo with DJs misterentropy, Weird Sketch, and Razer-X

*denotes a request

Halogen ~ Sutra
Asphalt ~ Dark Dreams
Forma Tadre ~ The Fade
Diskonnected ~ Prayer (Kneel Down)
DavanTage ~ Over the Pass
:wumpscut: ~ She’s Dead (something incomprehensible)
Klangstabil ~ You May Start
Haujob ~ A Terrifying Truth v1.0

Weird Sketch
Destroid ~ Soul Asylum
Seabound ~ Contact (Rx)
Solitary Experiments ~ Essence of Mind (Reagent mix)
Headscan ~ Dissolution (Club mix)
Cruciform Injection ~ Lacrimal Involucre (Funker Vogt remix)
E-Craft ~ Kill the Fakes
Cervello Elettronico ~ Animal Right
Rotersand ~ Last Ship
This Morn Omina ~ Suneater
Dulce Liquido ~ Disolucion (Mute)
Soman ~ Divine (Noisuf-X remix)
Pow[d]erpussy ~ Universal Pussy Nation

SAM ~ World of Shit
Reaper ~ Robuste Maschine
Imperative Reaction ~ Something I Left Behind
:wumpscut: ~ Thorns
Apoptygma Berzerk ~ Kathy’s Song
Mesh ~ You Didn’t Want Me
Necessary Response ~ Forever
Accessory ~ Humanity
Komor Kommando ~ Beating Around the Bush
Project Pitchfork ~ Time Killer
VNV Nation ~ Standing (Motion)

Decene ~ Some Day I’ll Find You
Animassacre ~The Great Collapse
Solitary Experiments ~ ?
X-Fusion ~ Rotten to the Core
Feindflug ~ Gulag
Suicide Inside ~ Red Flare (Moctan mix)
This Morn Omina ~ Nuraghi
Destroid ~ Moral

Weird Sketch
C/A/T ~ Smashed v.2
Combichrist ~ Joy to the World
*SAM ~ Catatonic Dreams (C/A/T remix)
The People’s Republic of Europe ~ ?
Terrorfakt ~ Achtung (Cervello remix)
Manufactura ~ Killing You (Unbound remix)
Marching Dynamics ~ Funkamental
Contaminant ~ Human Waste
Modulate ~ Skullfuck (Caustic remix)
*Memmaker ~ Death Audio Blow Out Your Brains
Vuxnut ~ Anal Dance
*Converter ~ Monster/Death Time
Cacophony ~ Send Me An Angel


~ by infomorph on October 29, 2009.

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