Setlist: Nexus 6 10-16-09

Nexus 6 @ Neo 10-16-09 with DJs misterentropy, Sprite, and Jeff Moyer

*denotes a request

Millipede ~ Conceivor
Displacer ~ Windmill (Keef Baker mix)
Ad-ver-sary ~ Waiting for Gira (ESA mix)
ESA ~ Randomly Selected Drawbacks of the Human Condition
Pandora’s Black Book ~ Handless
Marching Dynamics ~ Inability to Distance
Totakeke ~ Permanent Note
Hysteresis ~ Psychedelic Knowhow
Reagent ~ Die Alone
Alter Der Ruine ~ Loserstreet
Uberbyte ~ Aeon
PAL ~ Gelobnis (Terrorfakt remix)

Amduscia ~ Xibalba
Empusae ~ Urficae
Davantage ~ Last Kick Off (This Fish Redux)
God Module ~ Still So Strange
GenCab ~ Perish the Thought
FormaTadre ~ Celebrate the Cult
Disharmony ~ Legend
Solitary Experiments ~ Bleak Prospects (Sick Society mix)
Headscan ~ Ascend
Animassacre ~ The Great Collapse
Hocico ~ Silent Wrath (I Break)
Painbastard ~ Damned to Suffer 2005 (Lazy Bastard mix)

Jeff Moyer
Polygon Window ~ Quoth
*Apoptygma Berzerk ~ Until the End of the World
*Assemblage 23 ~ Drive
*Covenant ~ We Want Revolution
Velvet Acid Christ ~ Disconnected Nightmare
Blaqk Audio ~ Stiff Kittens
Front Line Assembly ~ Iceolate
Chemlab ~ Exiled on Mainline
Franka Potente ~ Believe
*VNV Nation ~ Beloved (Grey Dawn remix)
*Tactical Sekt ~ Awaken the Ghost

Chainreactor ~ Hoellenmensch
*Suicide Commando ~ Faces of Death
*Combichrist ~ This Is My Rifle
Nullvektor ~ Mit Zur Monotonie
SAM ~ Hard Technology
Caustic ~ Cock Blocker
C/A/T ~ Rogue Pair
Reagent ~ Weak and Wounded (Terrorfakt remix)
Noisuf-X ~ Tinnitus
FabrikC ~ Chinese Food
Marching Dynamics ~ Confederate (Elementals’ Soul Fire remix)
Tonikom ~ Running As Fast as You can
Imminent ~ Lost Highway
Muted Logic ~ Transit

Suicide Inside ~ Red Flower (Moctan remix)
Config.sys ~ Transmission 1938 (Monolith)
Dive ~ Lost Without You (Snow in China remix)
Synapscape ~ Bigger Space
ReiLegion ~ Cancer Decay
Tactical Sekt ~ Waiting for the World To End
Stahlnebel vs. Black Selket ~ Supernatural Ability
Feindflug ~ Gulag
Marching Dynamics ~ Wrong Volt
This Morn Omina ~ Nuraghi
Destroid ~ The Grammaton Cleric
Covenant ~ The Men
Solitary Experiments ~ The Dark Inside of Me

Jeff Moyer
*Aesthetic Perfection ~ ~ Living the Wasted Life
Skinny Puppy ~ Pro>Test
Faderhead ~ T2DV
Fluke ~ Atom Bomb
*Killing Joke ~ Millenium
She Wants Revenge ~ Tear You Apart


~ by infomorph on October 26, 2009.

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