Nexus 6 Setlist 9-18-09

Nexus 6 @ Neo 9-18-09 with Kinetic DJs Licious and Weird Sketch and Neo resident Pathogen

DJ Licious
The Operative ~ Revivalist
Tarmvred ~ A Light and Hectic Place
Tonikom ~ Alibi
Iszoloscope ~ Spontaneous Cognitive Combustion
Contaminant ~ ?
Moctan ~ Goodfellas
This Morn’ Omina ~ N=FP
(may or may not have played C-Drone Defect)

Displacer ~ Flying Snow (Urusai rmx)
Recoil ~ The Defector
This Morn’ Omina ~ Talesin
Halo_gen ~ NVir
Haujobb ~ Sinus Problem
Cervello Elettronico ~ Killer Instinct
Seabound ~ Contact (rmx)
Headscan ~ Dissolution (Club mix)
Oil 10 ~ Lost In Metropolis

DJ Pathogen
[:SITD:] ~ Snuff Machinery
Project Pitchfork ~ We Are One
Covenant ~ I Am
Decoded Feedback ~ Phoenix
Hocico ~ Forgotten Tears
Alter Der Ruine ~ Relax and Ride It
Faderhead ~ TZDV
Ayria ~ Debris (November Process rmx)
din_fiv ~ We Are
Depeche Mode ~ John the Revelator (Hamel rmx)
Gary Numan vs Afrika Bambaataa ~ Metal (abbreviation)

DJ Licious
wrote down a complex system of indecipherable hieroglyphs that shall be translated by future societies, but until then we will have no idea what he played

C/A/T ~ Smashed v2
Modulate ~ Skullfuck (Caustic rmx)
SAM ~ Catatonic Dreams (C/A/T rmx)
Terrorfakt ~ No Frequency (rmx)
Converter ~ Domination
pr0metheus buRning ~ Significantly Altered
Marching Dynamics ~ Funkamentalist
Soman – Divine (Noisuf-X rmx)
This Morn’ Omina ~ The Ninth Key
Dulce Liquido ~ ?

DJ Pathogen
SAM ~ Hard Technology
Aesthetic Perfection ~ Pale
Nachtmahr ~ Deus Ex Machina
Solitary Experiments ~ Pale Candle Light (Grendel rmx)
Accessory ~ One Man
XP8 ~ The Art of Revenge
Chainreactor ~ Incendiary
W.A.S.T.E. ~ Spinal Whetstone
Grendel ~ Void Malign
Caustic ~ Hocus Pocus
Supreme Court ~ Disappointment Overdose

Last Call
Tom Jones & Mouse ~ Sex Bomb
Ludachrist ~ Ghost Busta Rhymes
Frank Klepacki ~ Hell March
John Philip Sousa ~ The Liberty Bell


~ by infomorph on October 2, 2009.

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