Changes with Kinetic and Doomed!

are you insaneHey everyone. This is an official announcement that our Kinetic DJ night is going on a temporary hiatus. We’ve had some major issues with flakiness and irresponsibility when dealing with the Jun Bar venue — they’ve doublebooked us and canceled our events on short notice three times, and one of those times with no warning at all (telling us after we had arrived and were setting up). We’ve dealt with unprofessional crap like this from almost every venue we’ve regularly worked with, but eventually you have to draw a line. Most recently, they canceled an event we had scheduled with them 2 months ago, so we’ve officially had it and will no longer be dealing with them. Other promoters in Chicago, be advised: Jun Bar (which will soon have a new name under the same management) is lame and sucktastic (no offence to the bartenders, who are cool).

So, Kinetic is going on a temporary hiatus while we settle on details with a new venue. Negotiations are already underway and we expect to be back quite soon with an event in July with Synnack and Torrent Vaccine. Watch here for details.

Doomed!, on the other hand, is doomed. We’re putting this night to sleep. It’s always had a bit of an identity crisis so at this point we’re going to mothball it. It may return someday in a new, more defined, apocalyptic form.

Nexus 6 will be continuing on as per normal — thanks to everyone who came out last Friday! The next one is July 17th with DJs Gremlin, Sprite, and Razer-X.


~ by infomorph on June 22, 2009.

One Response to “Changes with Kinetic and Doomed!”

  1. this makes my heart hurt … i guess i’ll be crying myself to sleep every night until kinetic finds a new home! looking forward to the possibility of a show still! at least i have nexus keeping me going.
    jun bar can suck it!

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