Archive: Setlist from Kinetic 6-3-05

This night featured Kinetic DJs Sprite and Weird Sketch and guest DJ #@$!.

Flintglass ~ Heliotrope (Oil 10 mix)
Oil 10 ~ Propaganda
Milligramme ~ Stomache
Pierrepoint ~ Sie Sind Nicht Grun
Monstrum Sepsis ~ Vestine
Mlada Fronta ~ SnO
Detritus ~ Equilibrium
Noisex ~ Under Pressure
Sonar ~ Leave Me Be
Morgenstern ~ Blow Away My Reason

Beta ~ Fallout
Destroid ~ Existence
¥P¥ ~ Blue Voice (Null Vektor remix(
Grendel ~ Interrogation Leash
This Morn Omina ~ Suneater
Xotox ~ Mechanische Unruhe (Cycloon remix)
Muted Logic ~ Reflex
SKET ~ Isolator III
Rotersand ~ Exterminate, Annihilate, Distort (Renoised by Config.sys)

Solitary Experiments ~ Existence (Vice remix)
Feindflug ~ Leitbild (remix by Ivy Cyclone)
Destroid ~ Bonewhite Lie
Terrorfakt ~ Bells of War
Consume ~ Dance Puppet (Barnyard Love) Remastered
Headscan ~ Dissolution (club mix)
Combichrist ~ This Shit Will Fuck You Up
Suicide Commando ~ Sterbehilfe
Gewaltakustik ~ Indifference
Soman ~ Seven
Tactical Sekt ~ Bring The Violence
Kiew ~ DCDisk (Rotersand Vintage Rework)
Aghast View ~ Opium of Lust (Remixed by Manufactura)

Tarmvred ~ A Light and Hectic Place
Mono No Aware ~ After the Experiment
Converter ~ Order/Creature
Since Forever ~ Fatalistic
Soman ~ Ignition
Aslan Faction ~ Event Decay (Feindflug remix)
Virtual Embrace ~ Roots of Evil
Amduscia – Beyond The Darkness (Raving Mix)
Winterkalte – Nuclear Free North America
Imminent Starvation – Lost Highway (Exit)
Mlada Fronta ~ High Tension

Weird Sketch
Re-agent ~ Abandon (Railgun remix)
Sonar ~ Tone Loc (Manufactura remix)
Haujobb ~ We are the Renegades of Noise (This Morn Omina vs. Haujobb remix)
Monolith ~ 15 Seconds
Kiew ~ Graograman (FAV remix)
Glis ~ Nemesis (c/a/t remix)
Filament 38 ~ Uplink (Terrorfakt remix)
Terrorfakt ~ Zero (Fuck Hive remix)
SINA ~ Strong Ahead
Manufactura ~ Killing You (vuxnut remix)

Shnarph! ~ Redem und Atmen (Lang)
Interlace ~ Master
VxE ~ The End
Telerotor ~ Karoshi
Headscan ~ Dead Silver Sky (biometric)


~ by infomorph on May 4, 2009.

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