Archive: Setlist from Kinetic 4-8-05

This night featured performances by Atomly and Scrap.edx, so the DJ slots by misterentropy, Sprite, and guest Peter Lee (from Force of Nature) were shorter than usual. forcednature
Dither ~ track 6 from Summit
L’ombre ~ Urban Estate (Enduser remix)
Larvae ~ I Owe You
C Datakill ~ Resting in Paradise
CH District ~ Tiot
Pneumatic Detach ~ Allusion (Detritus remix)
Displacer ~ Stimulus Response (Hazardous)
Pzychobitch ~ Master of Myself (lo fi)
¥P¥ ~ ¥P¥
Kiew ~ Harvey
PAL ~ Ich
Exclipsect ~ Push Pin

Polarlicht ~ Uberflieger 747
Proyecto Mirage ~ Naima
Converter ~ Coma
Monolith ~ Biosphere
Iszoloscope ~ Once the Inferno
Combichrist ~ Blutroyale
Dulce Liquido ~ Humid Dreams
Since Forever ~ Fatalistic
Feindflug ~ Totungsmaschine Mensch
Accessory ~ War of Emotions (Feindflug remix)
Manufactura ~ Dance of Blood (with Knives mix)

Peter Lee
Soman ~ Wanting
Mescalinum United ~We have Arrived
Miro ~ We have Arrived
Winterkalte ~ Yes 2 Wind
C2 ~ C2
Chris Leibing ~ American Madbess
Knightvision vs. Wedlock ~ Territorial Rape
Enduser ~ Dubplate #12
Terrorfakt ~ Achtung!
Rave Creator ~ Journey into Sound
Sonar ~ Hostage
Aural Blasphemy ~ Sono Mech
Synapscape ~ How do You Feel
Converter/Asche/Morgenstern ~ Monster
DOA ~ Wanna be a Gangster


~ by infomorph on April 29, 2009.

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