Setlist: Nexus 6 @ Neo 4-17-09

with Kinetic DJs Sprite and Licious and Neo resident Razer-X

* denotes a request

Flintglass ~ Heliotrope (Oil 10 remix)
Mlada Fronta ~ Co
Cell Auto Mata ~ Foolish
Morgenstern ~ Blow Away My Reason
Dazzling Malicious ~ Dazzling Malicious
Memmaker ~ Prophecy
Tonikom ~ Unsettling
Twinkle ~ La Victim Volontaire
Geomatic ~ The Bliss
Monolith ~ Tribal Globe
Broken Fabiola ~ Japanese Call Girl (Manufactura mix)
Monstrum Sepsis ~ Moving Backwards to Proceed
Retrosic ~ Dragonfire

Velvet Acid Christ ~ Lysergia
NOIA ~ Looking For Love (Razormaid)
Front 242 ~ Take One
And One ~ Sometimes (Razormaid)
Wolfsheim ~ Wundervoll
Fixmer/McCarthy ~ Transeuropean
Assemblage 23 ~ Sorry
VNV Nation ~ Farthest Star
*Reaper ~ Robust Machine
*Nachtmahr ~ Boomx3
Neurotic Fish ~ Wake Me Up

X-rx ~ Die Sexualiste die Hoelle
SAM ~ Chaos & Confusion
Memmaker ~ Robot Buzz
Modulate ~ Revolution
C/A/T ~ Line in the Sand
*Noisuf-X ~ Chaos
Soman ~ Pantau
Nullvektor ~ Closed Circuit
Suicide Commando ~ Raise Your God
Combichrist ~ Without Emotion
Aslan Faction ~ Event Decay (Feindflug remix)
*Monstrum Sepsis ~ Vestine
Tonikom ~ Running as Fast as I Can
Rotersand ~ Would You Spin This?
*Tactical Sekt ~ Bring the Violence

Didn’t write down his set, the jerk. There was some FabrikC, Critical System Error, Netherfabrik, and Faderhead in there, IIRC.

LCD Sound System ~ Tribulation (tiga)
Benny Benassi ~ Love is Gonna …
Sisters of Mercy ~ Temple of Love
London After Midnight ~ The Kiss
Necessary Response ~ Spilling Blood
*VNV Nation ~ Epicentre
SAM ~ World of Shit
*Soman ~ Absolution

Muted Logic ~ Reflex
Schnarph! ~ Regen und Atmen
*Terrorfakt ~ Hate Like This
Reagent ~ Brain Death
Noisex ~ Industrial Drummer
E-Craft ~ Kill the Fakes
(Licious steps in) Caustic ~ some song about orgies or something
*Industriegebiet ~ Sex Mit Einer Leiche (Soman mix)
*VNV Nation ~ Standing
(Licious closes it out with Senor Coconut)


~ by infomorph on April 18, 2009.

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