Archive: Setlist from Kinetic 1-7-05

We’re going to pulling some old setlists out of the archive and posting them here over the next few weeks. It’s interesting to look back and see how the sets and favorites have evolved. This is from back in 2005, when Kinetic was at the (old) Bottom Lounge, with Kinetic DJs Pathogen and Licious (back when he was known as LMID) and guest Jordan.



Iszoloscope – Axel F (Ausurrier)

Pierrepoint – Paradox Effect

Converter/Asche/Morgenstern – In Hell

Suicide Commando – Face Of Death

Feindflug – Kahle Bedrohung

Pzycho Bitch – Face In Your Hands

Accessory – War Of Emotions (Feindflug rmx)

Funker Vogt – The Last (Maschinenmix)

Monolith – Tekno Buddha

C2 – Crowd Control

E-Craft – Kill The Fakes



Savak – The Taliban Pistol

Venetian Snares – Behind A Child Killer rmx

Synapscape – Face Off

Morgenstern – Touched

Displacer – Toy Collector

Antigen Shift – Shift_Epoch

Synth-etik – Lotus



Lusine Icl — Risa

Somatic Response — rnb

Silk Saw — safe area

Shorai — Inflaction Point

Mnemonic — dopetunnel

Klangstabil — You May Start

Tarmvred — 0436.50

Coil — The Snow

Download — basemetal

Monstrum Sepsis — Doors and Windows (Mimetic rmx)



Combichrist – Das Der Bunker

The Galan Pixs – Use The Flashlight

Haujobb – Cleaned Vision

Control Theory – Synapse Datastream (Automaton mix)

Punto Omega – Punto Omega (Run Level Zero rmx)

This Morn’ Omina – One-Eyed Man (Kill The Daemon mix)

Grendel – Pax Psychosis (Tactical Sekt rmx)

Virtual Embrace – Root Of Evil (alpha)

V2A – Collapsed System

Manufactura – Killing You

Converter – Death Time



Terrorfakt – Warlord

Sleepwalk – My Revenge (Hypnoskull rmx)

Headscan – Dead Silver Sky (Biometric)

Mother Destruction – Serpent Trance (Full Moon r.mix)

Infekktion – Try To Believe

Iszoloscope – The Apocryphal Market

Untoten vs Solce Freidhof(?) – Perversion Bizarre

Tarmvred – Io

Fairlight Children – (I can’t believe someone played this crap)

Freezepop – Harebrained Scheme (Request)

Oil 10 – Lost In Metropolis (Request)



Mlada Fronta — xb-33

Cut.Rate.Box — Enigma

DJ? Acucrack — So to Speak

Pow[d]er Pussy — ibringyoupeace

Pneumatic Detach — Detached Pneumaniac Rosicrucians Kreptkreptinized (Kreptkrept rmx)

Rotersand — Electronic World Transmission ([:SITD:] rmx)

In Strict Confidence — Closing Eyes

L’Ame Immortelle — Gefallen


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