Setlist: Kinetic @ Neo 3-28-09

As an emergency measure, Kinetic took place at Neo for one night last month, where Ryan Bedlam was gracious enough to let Kinetic’s misterentropy elbow in for a few hours. Due to the venue change, there are many atypical tracks that would normally not be spun at Kinetic (which focuses more on noize).

* denotes a request


Marching Dynamics — Bizango Datura
Displacer — Fueled
Architect — Belgian Connection
L’Ombre — Worthless (Displacer remix)
Subheim — Take Me Back
Mlada Fronta — Mn 54.94
Oil 10 — Solar Tides
¥π¥ — Strings of Infiinity
Mara’s Torment — Invitations and Seductions
Headscan — Ascend
Evils Toy — Illusion
Cryo — My Wall
Johannes Heil — Step Into the Light
Ginger5naps — Feel the Rhythm
Haujobb — Penetration (Floor Mix)
Kloq — I Never Said
Tristesse de la Lune — Time is Moving (Panze AG remix)
Atomizer — Underdog


*Tactical Sekt — Waiting for the World to End
Converter — Domination (Lm)
W.A.S.T.E. — Eternal
Feindflug — Gulag
S.K.E.T. — No Limits for Heroes
Solitary Experiments — Seele Bricht
DavaNtage — Playgrounds of Nature
Straftanz — Praise the Panic
Prometheus Burning — Some Things Are Meant to Stay Broken
Synapscape — Bigger Space
Mlada Fronta — XB-EE
¥π¥ — Blue Voice


~ by infomorph on April 7, 2009.

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