Setlist: Nexus 6 @ Neo 3-20-09

This is DJ misterentropy’s setlist (Razor-x and Licious also spun).

This set featured Prometheus Burning’s new release Plague Called HuMANity on crunchpod records.

* denotes a request

Norm — Brand Im Cafe Vaterland
Mlada Fronta — Uuo 118
Empusae — The Hatred of Trees
Mentallo & the Fixer — Sacrilege
Disharmony — Gone in Silence
Klangstabil — Math & Emotion – The Square Root Of One
Diskonnekted — Prayer (Kneel Down)
Prometheus Burning — The Box (Whispers from Within)
Animassacre — The Great Collapse
Painbastard — Kein Vergeben
ESA — Belief Conversion
Straftanz — Burn Down Heaven
Solitary Experiments — Pale Candle Light (X-Fusion remix)

Prometheus Burning — Plague Called HuMANity
Re:Legion — Cancer Decay
*Grendel — End of Ages (Artz+Psfuch Japscat remix_
Noisuf-X — My Time (Dioxyde remix)
Prometheus Burning — Genovese Syndrome
Synth-Etik — Requiem
Endif — Between Two Worlds
Destroid — Friend or Foe (The Betrayal)
DavaNtage — Unholy (In Necropolis A.D” Remix by Siva Sixx)
Accessory — More Than Machinery


~ by infomorph on April 6, 2009.

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