Doomed! 4-5-09 Set List

Here’s the set list from Doomed! on Saturday night. Pathogen decided to go all chiptune, and Sprite had a bit of a digital hardcore moment.

* denotes a request.

Herbie Hancock ~ Rockit
Animal Style ~ Bit Scrape
Haujobb ~ Penetration (Club Mix)
Monstrum Sepsis ~ Moving Backwards To Proceed
Pygmy Guru ~ Vodka Shots
Justice ~ Phantom
Mr. Spastic ~ Net
Pzycho Bitch ~ Sweet Kiss
Headscan ~ Dissolution (Club Mix)
Munich Syndrome ~ Go Away
In Strict Confidence ~ The Truth Is Inside Of Me
Covenant ~ I Am
Interface ~ Doubts and Fears
Decoded Feedback ~ Phoenix

*Das Ich ~ Destillat (VNV Remix)
Orphx ~ Nullity v.2.3
Mimetic ~ Sdaa1
Proyecto Mirage ~ Naima
Totakeke ~ Disconnectd Inside
Hysteresis ~ Psychedelic Know-How
Tchkung! ~ Clearcut!
Rabbit Junk ~ Industrial Is Dead
Atari Teenage Riot ~ Speed
Bonga-Ra ~ Jo Bench
Sandblasting ~ Rage
Ec8or ~ Mean

Insoc ~ Seeds of Pain
MSI ~ Straight to Video (FV remix)
Adam Sky ~ Ape X
Stu ~ mYMelody
Cut Copy ~ Hearts of Fire
Imperative Reaction ~ Scorpio
Feindflug ~ Grossenwahn
Noisuf-X ~ Axiom
Scandy ~ One Naked Nation
Klaas ~ Confession (Tim Le El remix)
Ayria ~ Bad List
Dennis Hurwitz ~ On the Beat
Perfection Plastic ~ K-Haus
This Morn Omina ~ The Immutable Sphere

Schnarph! ~ Der Eirtanz
Geistform ~ A Transistor
Monolith ~ Techno Buddah
Nullvektor ~ Mit Zur Monotonie
*Rotersand ~ Dare to Live
*Oil 10 ~ Le Bar
Memmaker ~ Sneaking Through
Tonikom ~ Running As Fast As I Can
Ivory Frequency ~ The Clock Is Ticking Fast
Unter Null ~ Clock Is Ticking (Terrorfakt remix)
Imminent ~ Lost Highway
Mono No Aware ~ Noema
*Covenant ~ We Want Revolution
Soman ~ Fly

Alter Der Ruine ~ Relax and Ride It
SAM ~ Hard Technology
C2 ~ Crowd Control
Noisuf-X ~ Tinnitus
Cenotype ~ Pieces
Mixhael Jackson ~ Smooth Crminal


~ by infomorph on April 6, 2009.

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