Doomed! :: Saturday, February 7th @ Jun Bar

DOOMED! :: Saturday, February 7th @ Jun Bar w/DJs Pathogen & Licious and guest DJ Qbot

Life got you down? Giant ants rampaging through the streets? Martians in the White House? 50-foot women using your train as nunchucks? When burdened with the harsh realities of super science gone horribly wrong and impending alien invasions, do what we do: Get a frosty beverage and dance your ass off.

Well then welcome to DOOMED! The party at the end of the world will be at the super-posh Jun Bar in scenic Wicker Park. Your DJs Pathogen and Licious, along with special guest DJ Qbot, will provide the finest in electronic music to drown out the alien death rays in the background. The bar will serve you vodka and whiskey drink specials so you can meet the interstellar menace with a stern look and a wobbly stance.

PLUS: We’ll be doing a special CD release party/giveaway for the purveyors in the finest in elevator noise, Alter Der Ruine!

DOOMED! Saturday, February 7th @ Jun Bar (2nd floor)
2050 W Division St (just west of Damen), Chicago, IL
$3 cover, 21+ w/ID, 9pm – 3am (free before 10!)

NEXUS 6 :: Friday, February 20th @ Neo

(click for bigger)

The Kinetic Noise crew invades Neo! Once a month, the inmates take over the asylum and unleash a barrage of dancefloor madness. The music format is a mix of club hits, old classics, new music and alternative songs from established artists in EBM, industrial, rhythmic noise and other familar genres.

w/Kinetic Noise DJs WEiRD sKeTCH and MisterEntropy & Neo DJ Razer-X

Friday, February 20th @ Neo
2350 N Clark St, Chicago
10pm – 4am :: $7 cover, 21+ w/ID

UNTER NULL w/Special Guests :: Live Saturday, February 20th

(click for bigger)

Unter Null: Producing music since 1998, Unter Null has risen from an obscure powernoise project to a lofty position as a top-seller on Alfa Matrix and a standard bearer for the hard EBM/aggrotech resurgence. Combining throbbing beats, snarling vocals and anger-laden lyrics, she has easily carved her own niche out of the industrial scene and has toured extensively across Europe and the US, bringing her brand of cynical dancefloor brutality to thousands of fans. This show is a special one-off engagement before her upcoming tour with XP8 and Syndika_Zero, welcoming her to her future home: Chicago!

w/Special Guest Biocarbon 13 and DJ $#&@

Unter Null w/Special Guest Biocarbon 13 & DJ $#&@:: Live Saturday, February 21st
@ the Underground Lounge :: 952 W Newport, Chicago
$10 cover :: 21+ w/ID :: Doors @ 9pm, show @ 10:00pm, close @ 2:30am

MONO NO AWARE w/Special Guests TBA :: Live Saturday, March 21st

(click for bigger)

Mono No Aware: Mono No Aware is a legend in the powernoise scene, having produced some of the most influential albums to come from the genre. He is also a veteran of many tours and festivals across the world, where he is known for his intense, exhilarating live performances in a genre not known for its engaging live shows. If you think you’ve seen powernoise done live, think again: Mono No Aware will absorb you, chew you up and spit you out as the pounding beats of this master electronic artist devastate all of those around you. This show is part of a very limited engagement tour.

Mono No Aware w/Special Guests TBA :: Live Saturday, March 21st
@ the Underground Lounge :: 952 W Newport, Chicago
$10 cover :: 21+ w/ID :: Doors @ 9pm, show @ 10:00pm, close @ 2:30am

IT AIN’T DEAD YET! pr0metheus buRning, Caustic & the Gothsicles :: Live Friday, March 27th

(click for bigger)

The horrible horrible circusIt Ain’t Dead Yet tour is coming to town! Kicking off their Midwest/East Coast tour is:

pr0metheus buRning: From the dark heart of Pittsburgh comes an act that hearkens back to the seedy, frightful days of early industrial, when nothing was sacred and taboos were meant to be ripped in half. Quickly becoming a quasi-legendary force, this hybrid of old school industrial and powernoise has captured a rapt audience, drawing comparisons to legends such as Skinny Puppy, Throbbing Gristle and more. Withering female vocals and crushing beats have earned them a spot as one of Chicago’s favorite live industrial acts.

Caustic: From the ever-so-industrial Chicago suburb known as Madison, WI, comes Caustic, a “band” with the dubious honor of being accused of ruining industrial. With all the stage presence of the X-Men’s Juggernaut after being hit across the head with a pipe wrench, Caustic’s Matt Fanale will serenade you with songs about getting handjobs from midgets, will drink beer in your general direction, stick rubber chickens down his pants, be sodomized by a Casio keyboard, and probably proposition your boyfriend. Thought you couldn’t buy this sort of degradation? Think again!

The Gothsicles: The pioneers of Nintendustrial and perennial Chicago favorites, the Gothsicles have gone way further than even they themselves expected. They’ve brought their mix of upbeat EBM and wanton, reckless video game references to fans across the United States and Europe and have racked up an impressive number of festival spots. Always a raucous good time live, with plenty of audience interaction and slanderous accusations of gothitude thrown into the audience, they’ll leave you chanting the Contra Mantra every time.

pr0metheus buRning, Caustic & the Gothsicles :: Live Friday, March 27th
@ the Underground Lounge :: 952 W Newport, Chicago
$10 cover :: 21+ w/ID :: Doors @ 9pm, show @ 9:30pm, close @ 2am


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