October & November Events

Nexus 6 :: Friday, October 17th @ Neo

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Kinetic invades Neo! The music format is a mix of club hits, old classics, new music and alternative songs from established artists in EBM, industrial, rhythmic noise and other familar genres, plus attention paid to the request list. Make ’em count, people!

PLUS: From Crunchpod, we’ve got CD releases for Manufactura and Uberbyte, with free CDs to give away.

w/Kinetic DJs Sprite and Licious & Neo DJ Razer-X

Friday, October 17th @ Neo
2350 N Clark St, Chicago
10pm – 4am :: $7 cover, 21+ w/ID

TERRORFAKT w/pr0metheus bUrning, Tonikom, the Gothsicles & Defcon :: Live, Saturday Oct 18th @ the Abbey Pub (18+!)

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Told you we’d think of something! In light of the Melotron tour postponement, we called in some favors and threw together a brutal show for you. Featuring five of Chicago’s favorite industrial acts, this should keep you sated.

NOTE: If you bought tickets for the Melotron show, tickets are transferable, with the price difference refunded at the door. If you bought a ticket for Melotron and don’t want to see this show, please contact Ticketweb or the Abbey Pub, whichever you bought through, for a refund.

Kinetic Presents: Terrorfakt, pr0metheus bUrning, Tonikom, the Gothsicles & Defcon
Saturday, October 18th @ the Abbey Pub
3420 W Grace St @ Elston Ave, Chicago
18+ for entry, 21+ for drinkin’
Doors @ 7pm, Show at 8pm, Close at 2am

$15.00 Advance, $17 at the door. Buy advance tickets here or at the Abbey Pub box office!

Afterparty at Neo (2350 N Clark St) w/surprise guest DJ and free entry with your pass from the show! (Neo is strictly 21+, sorry kids)

Saturday, November 1st :: DOOMED! @ Jun Bar

Life got you down? Giant ants rampaging through the streets? Martians in the White House? 50-foot women using your train as nunchucks? When burdened with the harsh realities of super science gone horribly wrong and impending alien invasions, do what we do: Get a frosty beverage and dance your ass off.

Well then welcome to DOOMED! The party at the end of the world will be at the super-posh Jun Bar in scenic Wicker Park. Your DJs Licious and MisterEntropy, along with special guest DJ Cytokine, will provide the finest in electronic music to drown out the alien death rays in the background. The bar will serve you vodka and whiskey drink specials so you can meet the interstellar menace with a stern look and a wobbly stance. Helpful documentaries of past apocalyptic intergalactic menaces, such as This Island Earth and I Married A Monster From Outer Space (note: please do not marry monsters from outer space) will be on hand to guide you in your new life as Martian chow.

DOOMED! Saturday, November 1st @ Jun Bar (2nd floor)
2050 W Division St (just west of Damen), Chicago, IL
$5 cover, 21+ w/ID, 9pm – 3am (free before 10!)

Saturday, November 8th :: KINETIC @ Fiesta Cantina

Kinetic is back, baby! Come check out our new, super-swanky digs on the second floor of Fiesta Cantina, with tons of seating, a great dancefloor, great sound and a stripper pole for you to embarrass yourself on after Michelle has gotten you sauced. Kinetic will be every first Saturday of the month and will always feature cutting-edge nonstandard industrial club fare, from rhythmic noize to breakcore and everything in between.

KINETIC :: Saturday, November 8th
w/DJs Licious & Gremlin
@ Fiesta Cantina :: 3407 N Clark St, Chicago
21+ w/ID, 9pm – 3am :: $5 cover, free before 10pm


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