DOOMED! Friday Sept 26th @ Jun Bar

Life got you down? Giant ants rampaging through the streets? Martians in the White House? 50-foot women using your train as nunchucks? When burdened with the harsh realities of super science gone horribly wrong and impending alien invasions, do what we do: Get a frosty beverage and dance your ass off.

Introducing DOOMED! The party at the end of the world will be at the super-posh Jun Bar in scenic Wicker Park. Your DJs Killjoy5k and Pathogen will provide the finest in electronic music to drown out the alien death rays in the background. The bar will serve you vodka and whiskey drink specials so you can meet the interstellar menace with a stern look and a wobbly stance. Helpful documentaries of past apocalyptic intergalactic menaces, such as This Island Earth and I Married A Monster From Outer Space (note: please do not marry monsters from outer space) will be on hand to guide you in your new life as Martian chow.

Oh, and in the event we wake up the next day we wake up and the Earth has been saved miraculously, we’ll do it all over again next month. It’s really only a matter of time until the Martians come for our women once more.

DOOMED! Friday, Sept 26th @ Jun Bar
2050 W Division St (just west of Damen), Chicago, IL
$5 cover, 21+ w/ID, 9pm – 2am


~ by kineticnoise on September 15, 2008.

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