Indoctrination 2008

By now, the cat is pretty well out of the bag. We regret to say that yes, Indoctrination 2008 has been postponed. Without going into too much detail, let’s just say that finding a venue suitable for such an endeavor is a truly astounding pain in the ass. We lost a lot of promotion and organization time due to this less-than-exciting turn of events, so our options were simple: Do we do it now, or do we do it right? After some last-minute hemming and hawing, we decided that no timeframe that involved Indoctrination happening in 2008 would be suitable for doing the festival the way it should be done. There was too much potential for it to be a big disappointment to the fans and the bands. In light of that, we decided the best thing would be to scrap the festival this year and, with the enormous lead time it would offer, refocus on setting things up in 2009.

So in a nutshell, Indoc 2008 is nixed, but Indoc 2009 is in the works. We’re sorry to all the bands who were excited to play, but it is almost certainly for the best that the festival is postponed for everyone. In the mean time, we’ll be continuing to schedule regular live shows, probably with a lot of the people we were meaning to bring in for the festival.

There you have it!

–mr. pathogen, minister of little rocks in your shoe which you can never find when you take your shoe off.


~ by kineticnoise on August 8, 2008.

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