A quick explanation of our cover charges.

It’s come to our attention that a few people have been taking issue with Kinetic’s increasing the cover charge for our regular events. I’d like to explain why we charge what we do in order to assuage any discontent.

For starters, bear in mind that Kinetic is effectively a non-profit organization. Every cent we make is recycled back into our events. Our DJs have no take-home pay. We are about as “not in it for the money” as you can get. We do this out of love for this kind of music and a desire to see Chicago’s industrial scene revitalized; none of us labor under the delusion that grandeur and wealth will flow from our efforts.

Second, we’re trying to get things moving again around Chicago, especially in terms of events and live shows in the Kinetic vein. These things cost quite a bit of money. Guarantees for the bands ranging from $500 to thousands of dollars have to be negotiated in order to bring bands in. Often, we foot the bill for transportation. Equipment rentals have to be made. Venues cost money to be secured. Every single dollar you spend on Kinetic events, merchandise and whatnot is poured directly back into these costs because we want to keep Chicago’s scene interesting.

Third, specifically for Nexus 6, that $2 extra you’re paying is our profit for the night. We try really hard to make it worth an extra $2 to go to Neo once a month, with CD release parties, new and exciting music, and whatnot. If it’s really not worth $2 to you to get a unique experience once a month at Neo, then we’re sorry to hear that. However, for the reasons stated above, we can’t just do it and get nothing back.

Fourth… Kinetic has been around for what, four years now? We’ve had our ups and downs, we’ve found venues and lost venues, we’ve thrown some fun parties and had a lot of great times. When we first began, we were all about altruism and keeping the cost to our patrons very low. We very quickly found out that doing so really limited our ability to expand as a promotion group, and as a result, limited our ability to improve the local scene. That was before the economy all but collapsed as well. You know how prices have doubled for flight bookings and quadrupled for gasoline? Add that to the increasingly isolationist policies of the federal government, translating into increased visa costs and difficulty in acquiring them, and it’s become quite expensive to bring bands in from other parts of the country and downright ridiculous trying to get international bands. Unfortunately, our options in light of that are to either increase costs but try and keep it manageable and worth it to our patrons, or give up on trying to do live shows, not to mention the Indoctrination Festival.

So if you get sticker shock from the $7 cover at Nexus 6 and $5 cover at Kinetic, we’re sorry. However, our mandate since Kinetic’s inception has been to operate as an agent for change and growth in Chicago’s scene, and that mandate is not cheap. Hopefully knowing that the extra few dollars you’re spending are going straight back into making Chicago’s industrial scene more vibrant and active will help take the edge off.

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~ by kineticnoise on July 21, 2008.

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